Maurice Leggett Carted Off; Staying In Tampa Bay

Chiefs cornerback Maurice Leggett was carted off the field after injuring his neck during Kansas City’s 20-15 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Following the game, Todd Haley said that Leggett would be staying in Tampa Bay overnight, but that things looked positive for the young defensive back.

“Extremities and all those things were good.

“Now, they are gonna make sure of everything, but from that standpoint it sounded encouraging.”

The scene was very scary, with Leggett getting up slowly after helping to stop Bucs running back Kareem Huggins.  He took a few steps, went down to a knee and then his whole body fell to the ground.

Haley talked about having been part of a game when he was with the New York Jets in which linebacker Reggie Brown’s career was ended by a spinal cord contusion.  He acknowledged it’s tough for guys to concentrate on the game after seeing a teammate go down.

“Whenever those kinds of things happen, it takes an extreme amount of focus to try to keep your mind.  All these guys care about each other.  We’re becoming a family and a pretty tight knit group.”

You could clearly tell that the Chiefs players were distracted by the potentially serious injury to Leggett.

The Bucs ripped off a 20 yard run just two plays after the injury, with Huggins going untouched the whole way.  A penalty brought the play back and Kansas City forced a Tampa punt.   However, the Chiefs offense only had five plays of their own before a Tyler Palko interception.  The Bucs then ended up scoring 10 points in less than five minutes.

No matter the outcome of the game, Haley and his players will have Leggett in their thoughts.

“Our prayers are with Maurice and his family, but when you hear extremities moving, all those things good, that’s positive.”

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