McDaniels Delivers “Cute” Trash Talk

The San Diego Chargers are up next for the Chiefs, but after their victory over the Broncos they were not yet ready to look towards Kansas City.  They were still talking about Josh McDaniels.Broncos Camp Football

Chargers players were both offended and amused by the Denver Broncos head coach telling the Chargers linebackers before yesterday’s game, “We own you.”

That, at least, was the version offered by the linebackers, to a man.

McDaniels, who slowed down to talk on his way to his car more than an hour after the game, said the Chargers started the trash talking.  He would not elaborate on what he may have said, but neither did he deny he talked back.

“They talked to me first,” McDaniels said.  “I’m not making a story about this.  If I did, I’d be able to tell you some things that aren’t (fit) for papers.”

The linebackers did not deny one or more among them may have started the dishing, but they thought McDaniels’ behavior was beneath a man in his position.

“You gotta like his fire,” Stephen Cooper said.  “As a head coach I don’t think you want to start jawing with players if you’re not putting the pads on.”

With a laugh, considering the Chargers’ 32-3 victory, Cooper added, “Looks like he owned us, but it got repossessed.”

A smiling Shawne Merriman said of McDaniels popping off: “It was cute.”

Man, the shine came off the new Broncos head coach pretty quickly, didn’t it?

Haley was getting grief for yelling at his own players/coaches.  I can only imagine what people would be saying about him this morning if his team was whupped by the Steelers and he was out on the field screaming at James Harrison.

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