McDaniels Hopes To Have Clady Back For Season

Yesterday, word came down that Broncos tackle Ryan Clady tore his patellar tendon playing basketball.  Denver head coach Josh Mcdaniels appeared on the NFL Network last night (per PFT) and confirmed the injury, but sounded optimistic that he would have Clady back for opening day.

“It’s an unfortunate situation with Ryan, but we’re hopeful he’ll be ready for the season.”

The Broncos coach was asked if he could guess when Clady will return to the field.

“The injury report will be out in September,” McDaniels said before cracking up.

To say it’s been an interesting offseason (again) for Josh McDaniels and the Broncos would be the understatement of the year.  Besides the Brandon Marshall saga finally coming to an end, you had them trading for Brady Quinn, drafting Tim Tebow and now their left tackle doing his best Shaun Livingston impression.

I couldn’t help but catch this comment on PFT from a less than enthusiastic Broncos fan:

Tim Tebow does not need an offensive line, he can block for himself!

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