McShay & Kiper Agree: Eric Berry To Chiefs has taken a new approach for their latest mock draft, they have set up Todd McShay and Mel Kiper’s selections next to each other.  While the two draft gurus disagree on many picks throughout the first round, they agree on who the Kansas City Chiefs will target at No. 5: Tennessee safety Eric Berry.


The Chiefs will race to the podium when Berry is still there at this position.  He’s a clear need fit and is exceptional value here, and Berry showed in Indy that his physical capabilities match his outstanding film.  The Ed Reed comparisons are legit.


The Chiefs have bigger needs, including offensive tackle, but Berry is clearly the best available player in this scenario.  Berry’s range and ball skills would significantly upgrade a safety group that comes up short in both areas.

You can add me to the list of agreeing with this selection.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, behind Ndamukong Suh I believe Berry has the most potential of any player in this draft.  His impressive numbers at the scouting combine only reinforce what his stellar play at Tennessee established.

Where I disagree with McShay is that somehow offensive tackle is a bigger need than safety.  Once the line had a real running back on the field and settled into the offense they were average at worst.  Meanwhile, every single game there were at least one or two major mistakes coming from the safety position.  Along with linebacker, safety is the Chiefs biggest need and Berry would go a long way to making sure it’s not a problem again for another decade.

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