Mellinger: The Time Is Now For The Bowe Show

Following an embarrassing first season playing under Todd Haley and an even worse offseason and being piled on this season after dropping a touchdown against the Colts, is Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe ready to turn the corner?  The Star’s Sam Mellinger believes that an offense with more weapons than ever could finally allow us to find out once and for all.

It’s really a perfect storm of sorts that may end up defining Bowe’s career and time with the Chiefs.  He’ll face more one-on-one coverage with defenses focused on the line of scrimmage, the Chiefs have fewer options to feature, and the NFL rules continue to trend toward protecting receivers.

Now, perspective is needed.  Bowe is not an entirely changed man or player.  He will drop passes this year, including a few important ones, and might continue to be the Chiefs player most likely to cause you to curse in front of children.  Bowe’s success the past two weeks has come against the NFL’s two worst passing defenses.

All of that is true, but so is this:

Bowe just had, in many real ways, his best two-week stretch as a pro just as the Chiefs are needing it most.

The last few Chiefs seasons have taught us to expect a letdown after every commercial break, and perhaps no single player has contributed more to that than Bowe.

But the last few games are teaching us to open up to real expectations now, and Bowe is a critical part of that, too.

I have been very impressed by Bowe the last two weeks, but his back-to-back drops against Indianapolis still sting.  With that being said, this is a “What have you done for me lately?” league and lately the Chiefs No. 1 wide receiver has very much looked the part.

If the Chiefs weren’t going to open up the offense against the Texans or Jaguars with the state of their pass defense, it’s not going to happen much going forward.  That means Bowe will need to do exactly what he’s done that last two weeks, get open underneath, hold onto the ball and make plays after the catch.  Just because Kansas City doesn’t have a quarterback that will allow them to throw the ball 50 yards down the field doesn’t mean the offense can’t get the ball down the field.

Over the next month the Bills, Raiders, Broncos and Cardinals have all shown a tendency to give up points in bunches, something Bowe and the rest of the offense can use to help continue the momentum they have going on right now.

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