Carl Peterson Back In The Saddle Again

Ever since Carl Peterson and the Kansas City Chiefs parted ways, it’s been assumed by many that he would take over as the general manager or president of the Miami Dolphins.  He’s close to owner Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and no matter what his future holds in Miami, it’s clear he already has plenty of power.

Peterson first met with former Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Bucs head coach and current ESPN analyst Jon Gruden and then was with Ross for Jeff Fisher’s interview on Tuesday.

Along with Ross, Peterson and Fisher hopped on a helicopter after meeting at the Dolphins practice facility, according to the Miami Herald.

It’s awfully curious that both Ross and Peterson claim there is no job waiting for the former Chiefs president/GM.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not involving someone in one of the biggest decisions I’ll make as an owner — no matter how good of a friend — unless they are on the payroll and can be held accountable.

The thing is, no matter how you feel about him, you cannot deny that Peterson is a good football man.  The Chiefs never got over the hump with him at the helm and he was kept on board a few years too long, but he built a winner in Kansas City.

The Dolphins have been an absolute mess under Ross and Peterson would be a steady hand, so it doesn’t make much sense why the two have danced around this marriage for so long.

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