Larry Johnson Has Decided To Bring His… Um, Cleats To South Beach

In a move that can only be described as…  well, actually it can be described a number of ways, the Miami Dolphins have signed former Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro RB Larry Johnson.

The team had previously kicked the tires on Clinton Portis among other veterans, but decided that Johnson has the most gas left in the tank.  Why they’ve decided that I’m not completely sure, but he is now in Miami and will be wearing No. 23.  The reason he can’t wear his usual 27?  Former Chiefs teammate Benny Sapp.

Believe it or not, Johnson could actually make the team.  With Reggie Bush and second round pick Daniel Thomas as the only legitimate running backs on the roster, it leaves open the chance that the Dolphins could find a spot for the troubled Johnson.

The women of South Beach should run for cover.

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