Scott Pioli’s Former Boss Bashes Todd Haley

It’s not unusual for a head coach in the NFL to come under fire when he starts off a season 0-3, so it wasn’t a surprise when it happened to Todd Haley.  It simply comes with the territory.

But it has to sting a little extra when it comes from the former boss of your general manager.  That’s what is going on right now with Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network.  Lombardi and Pioli worked together with the Cleveland Browns in the early 90s.

On the heels of Haley’s sideline blow up with QB Matt Cassel in Sunday’s victory over the Minnesota Vikings, Lombardi wrote that he felt bad for Pioli because his head coach acts “like a maniac”.

This is Haley’s third season as the Chiefs coach — you would think he would have learned to handle his emotions and realize that the opponent is not on his sideline, but rather across the field.  The more Haley screams, especially on Sunday when it embarrasses the players, the faster he is going to lose their attention and their will to play hard. If that happens, he will lose his team.

I’m not saying Lombardi shouldn’t write about Haley or anyone else that is connected to people he has worked with — that’s just unrealistic.  But when you start killing a guy that’s always been fiery, for being fiery, after said fiery actions helped his team turn things around against the Vikings, it seems a little fishy.

Instead of telling Haley to calm down, maybe Lombardi should take some of his own advice.

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  1. The point to Lombardi comments is like many Chief fans is instead of getting upset so much is to lead this team. I don’t mind a coach showing his disapproval but to be constantly mad is showing a lack of control.

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