Mayock: Phil Taylor’s Range Between 21-32

Of all the prospects potentially available to the Kansas City Chiefs in the first round in next month’s draft, Baylor’s Phil Taylor seems to be getting the most reaction from fans.  NFL Network’s Mike Mayock wasn’t always so sure about Taylor’s stock, but now has him coming off the board in the first round, with the Chiefs as his ceiling.

“He’s a guy that in college at Baylor earlier this year I thought he was about a third round pick.  As the season progressed, he lost more weight and, listen to me, got himself down to 338 pounds and all of a sudden started flashing and dominating more and more as the season progressed.  He got to the Senior Bowl and was in the best shape of his life.

“There is some hair on that dog.  He’s a transfer from Penn State, he was suspended and he’s had some off the field issues, but I see him going somewhere from 21 to 32 just because he is so big and he moves so well.”

It’s interesting that the majority of concerns coming from fans isn’t about his past at all, but rather his rapid rise to dominance.  As Mayock noted, Taylor has gotten himself in fantastic shape and more than a few people have specifically wondered why he wasn’t in that kind of shape his whole time at Baylor and even going back to Penn State.

Sure, you’d feel better about Taylor or any other prospect if they are All-Americans for three years, but that just doesn’t happen — at least not with players you are getting in the last third of the first round.  On the flip side of the argument, I would tell you that he has finally found his groove and will only get better.

The Chiefs have a dire need for an answer inside.  If you think that Taylor’s transgressions at Penn State can be chalked up to a kid making stupid mistakes then you should feel comfortable if Scott Pioli decides to take him with the 21st pick in the draft.

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