Dolphins Coordinator Plays Dumb On “Suck 4 Luck”

Considering how loud the “Suck 4 Luck” chatter got around Kansas City following just an 0-3 start by the Chiefs, it must be deafening in Miami with the Dolphins now sitting at 0-7.

As one of just two teams in the NFL without a win, it must be hard for anyone associated with the franchise to go anywhere in town without being asked about Andrew Luck, the Stanford quarterback expected by most to be the top pick in the 2012 draft.  At dinner, the gas station, picking up your dry cleaning…  everywhere!

Well, that isn’t the case if you believe Dolphins defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.  During his weekly press availability, he seemed to have no idea what “Suck 4 Luck” meant when a reporter mentioned, according to The Miami Herald.

“Suck for Luck?  That’s interesting. I  really haven’t heard that one before,” Nolan said.

Per the report, the coordinator actually had to ask the reporters present what exactly it meant, obviously getting a very quick response.

“Oh, makes sense now that you say it.  Well, that’s a personnel department deal so I have nothing to do with that.  But I get it now.  He’s going to play my Ducks in a few weeks.”

Is that really possible?  Even if Nolan isn’t recognized around Miami — not a crazy thought — doesn’t he watch TV, go on the internet or listen to the radio… ever?

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