Former Chiefs Coach Recalls Connection To SEALs

It was an emotional night for most Americans on Sunday when it was announced that a SEAL team killed Osama bin Laden.  One former Chiefs coach, Mike Priefer now with the Minnesota Vikings, felt a special connection after serving as a U.S. Naval helicopter pilot.  He recounted his own time working with the SEALs.

About five miles off the coast of Mogadishu, Somalia, is where Priefer, a young and fearless pilot in the early 1990s, hovered gently about 40 feet over the ocean to drop off a dozen SEALs at a time.

His orders never changed: Return to the same spot in 48 hours to pick up the SEALs.

Questions were not welcome.  You didn’t ask; they didn’t tell.

But Priefer could imagine the brilliant results, as he did Sunday night.

“We had an objective, we achieved an objective and nobody was injured — that’s the mission,” Priefer said of the news of bin Laden’s death.  “I’m very proud of them, top to bottom.  This whole country has to be proud of what our guys accomplished over there.  It’s a great moment to be an American.”

During his time in Kansas City, I had no idea that Priefer had previously been in the Navy.  His whole recounting of his time with the Navy and how he eventually got into coaching is a great read, so make sure you click through.

One of the most impressive things that we have seen over the last few days is the much deserved increased recognition the men and women serving this country have received.  Here’s to hoping it keeps up year round, the way it should!

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