Mike Vrabel: I Would Love To Come Back

efore he was arrested for allegedly helping himself to some alcohol at an Indiana casino, Mike Vrabel told The Star that he hopes to be back on the football field next season.

”I would certainly hope so. I really do,” he said.  ”But I also have to find out realistically if anybody is interested.  It does me no good to say I want to play if nobody is interested.  It does me no good to say I don’t want to play if somebody is interested.  Maybe I’m approaching this the wrong way but that’s been kind of helpful to me the last couple of months.”

”I love it there (Kansas City) but I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Vrabel said.  ”They’ve got a lot of great young players that need to play.  I don’t know where Scott’s thoughts and Todd’s thoughts are on that.  Unfortunately, we can’t talk right now.  But I would love to come back.”

The way he approached mentoring Andy Studebaker and not getting as many snaps down the stretch, it looked to me like last year was going to be his last in the NFL.  Obviously that doesn’t seem to be the case.

His brush with the law in Indiana not withstanding, Vrabel has not done anything the last two years that would make you think twice about bringing him back for a third season.  He would have to be willing to really completely grasp that his role on the team is that of a backup and continued mentor to the likes of Studebaker, Cory Greenwood, Jovan Belcher, Pierre Walters and the rest of the young linebackers that spent all of last season in Kansas City.

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