Mike Vrabel Reportedly Arrested For Felony Theft

Just when you thought the AFC West couldn’t own a more bizarre arrest than Oakland Raiders WR Louis Murphy being busted for Viagra, Kansas City Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel comes pretty close.  According to PFT, Vrabel was arrested early Monday morning in Indiana for felony theft at the Belterra Casino in Indiana.

In Indiana, theft of anything, regardless of value, is a Class D felony.  It carries a sentence of six months to three years in prison.

Vrabel, who also is a member of the NFLPA* Executive Committee, was booked at 5:28 a.m. local time.   He was released at 10:39 a.m. after posting $600 bond.

The jail had no further details regarding the specifics of the alleged crime.   Also, LaPine declined to provide Vrabel’s date of birth for cross-reference purposes.  But LaPine confirmed that the Mike Vrabel who was arrested, booked, and released is the same Mike Vrabel who plays pro football.

Unreal.  If I ranked all of the 2010 Chiefs on the likelihood that they would be arrested for anything — even unpaid parking tickets — Vrabel would be damn near the end of the list.  Just shocking.

Obviously this could very well be a simple misunderstanding, as often happens when large amounts of money are in play.  But if the initial report is true at all…  amazing.

Seriously, is there a player you would think less likely to be tangling with the law?  Ryan Succop?  Dustin Colquitt?  Jamaal Charles?

It will be very interesting to hear what Vrabel and/or his agent has to say about his new found legal troubles.

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