Missed Season Could End Tony Gonzalez’s Career

There is a lot at stake in current labor negotiations for both sides when it comes to the future of the NFL.  But for some players, the clock is ticking on their time playing this game making their future right now.  Tony Gonzalez is one of those players and told Sporting News he wouldn’t be likely to come back if he had to sit an entire season.

“At this point, at my age, I don’t know if that would be smart of me to do something like that.  But I’m enjoying the offseason, working out and preparing like I always do.”

Gonzalez believes a labor settlement will happen in late summer.

“I think it might cut into camp,” Gonzalez said of the labor dispute.  “Into the season, I doubt it.  Who knows though?  …  I don’t think it’s going to be resolved anytime soon.  But I just don’t see an entire season being taken away.  That would be sad.  Not just for the players and the owners, but the fans.”

You want sad?  How about the best tight end to ever play the game retiring because of a labor struggle.  Not that much needs to be put on the list of things that make this whole mess look so ridiculous, but potentially losing a year of football from a guy like Gonzalez or other aging future Hall of Famers such as Peyton Manning and Ed Reed just makes matters worse.

I agree with TG that a deal will get done before we lose regular season games, though this time last year I never thought either side would be stupid enough to ever let a lockout happen, so what do I know.

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