Missouri Western Ready For Chiefs Training Camp

If the NFL lockout finally ends this week, there won’t be many people more excited than those in St. Joseph, MO where the Kansas City Chiefs hold their training camp.  The folks at Missouri Western State University are certainly preparing as if things are going as planned.

“As of now, they’re fully intending to be here, and be here on time, and we are working with that scenario that we need to be ready to open at scheduled time,” says Dan Nicoson, Vice-President for University Advancement and Interim Athletic Director.

Nicoson says if the training camp does happen, the impact will be enormous.

“Well I think there’s two kinds of impacts on our community.  One is the economic and last year we estimated that at about 1.2 million dollars.  The other is community pride,” he says.

The impact of teams not traveling for training camp would be right up there with firing or cutting back the salaries of the lower level employees, but didn’t get nearly as much play.  To take that kind of revenue away from the local businesses in St. Joe would be a back breaker and something that hopefully we won’t have to see happen.

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