With 2 Game Lead Chiefs Look Fine

After briefly falling out of Peter King’s “Fine Fifteen” on SI.com after the first Denver game, the Kansas City Chiefs have climbed to their highest slot of the season.

11. Kansas City (8-4). Many thoughts. The Chiefs are two games up with four to play, but with K.C. playing San Diego and St. Louis on the road in the next two weeks, this division’s not over … Tamba Hali is the real deal … As is Jamaal Charles … What a bush-league play by tackle Barry Richardson, shoving special-teams coach Steve Hoffman on the sidelines after getting yanked for committing a key penalty.

Not to sound like Todd Haley, but the Chiefs most important game is the one in front of them.  If they can take care of business in San Diego — a tall order, no matter what the Raiders did yesterday — it will put the Chargers 3 back with 3 to play, ending their season.  I will worry about the Rams, Titans and Raiders once Sunday had come and gone because a lot will depend on what Oakland does at Jacksonville.

I’m on the same page as King everywhere else.  Those of us that watch the Chiefs every week have known for quite some time that Hali and Charles were for real, so it’s nice to see that King has picked up on it, no matter how late in the game.

We’ll talk more about Richardson later today, but there is absolutely no excuse for getting into a physical altercation with your coaches.

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