Moeaki Earns Haley’s Praise; Bitten By Injury Bug

(Photo via David Eulitt)

When SI’s Don Banks visited Chiefs training camp, much of his focus was on an impressive Kansas City rookie class.  One that stood out — third-round TE Tony Moeaki — fell in the draft due to being injury prone and then promptly left Saturday’s scrimmage with an ankle injury.  Before the injury, Haley was clear in his praise of the former Hawkeye.

“If we can keep this guy going in the direction he’s going, we’ve got something,” Haley said.  “He’s a football player now.  In all areas.  He’s got a great feel for the game.  He can catch the ball and he does things as a route runner that I’ve been trying to get receivers to do for 10 years.”

It’s not often you hear those kind of words from Haley.  Usually it’s more typical of the beginning of his statement: “he’s a football player now.”  For him to break out something so over-the-top as that last line is impressive.

With that said, you don’t get a talent like Moeaki in the third round by accident.  We all heard about the injuries that he had to battle through during his time at Iowa and it was just a matter of time before he went down.  Hopefully the improved strength and conditioning program that Moeaki has been exposed to will help him bounce back quickly and fight through injuries better than when he was at Iowa.

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  1. Watching Moeaki at Iowa he was truly a great Tight End when he wasn’t hurt. Hopefully he can stay away from the injuries and help our Chiefs.

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