Moeaki Is Pioli’s Best Value Pick With Chiefs

After sitting with the Kansas City Chiefs draft picks for the weekend, Bob Gretz breaks down each of Scott Pioli’s seven selections.  The player he feels is the best value pick over the past two seasons might surprise you.

3rd round/93rd pick – TE Tony Moeaki: Based on pro potential, this is the best value pick of the 15 that Pioli/Haley have made so far in their time with the Chiefs.  Moeaki was considered the prospect with the best upside as both a blocker and a catcher.

There were better catchers in the draft, and maybe a better blocker as well.   But there wasn’t anyone better than could do both and that’s why he was the fourth tight end drafted this year.

Amazingly, three of those top four wore question marks because of injury concerns: Jermaine Gresham, Rob Gronkowski and Moeaki.  If he can remain healthy in his NFL career, a new TE Tony could hold he job for years to come.

Time will tell with Moeaki, but it will be hard for him to surpass the value that the Chiefs have gotten from Mr. Irrelevant, Ryan Succop.  I know kickers aren’t a hot commodity (none were selected this year) but landing one that was one of the most reliable in the league last year is hard to overlook.

After Eric Berry, Moeaki has the best chance for immediate playing time in the starting lineup.  During his first press conference he talked about wanting to be able to block as good as catch, something that surely will sit well with Todd Haley during OTAs and training camp.

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