More Bradford To Redskins Talk

Yesterday in the Washington Post, Jason Reid suggested that the Redskins have their eye on Sam Bradford and could be drafting Eric Berry fourth overall to use him as a part of a deal for the Oklahoma signal caller. In his most recent column for, Peter King also raises the Bradford-to-Redskins possibility after talking to Gil Brandt.

“I think there’s a 49-percent chance he ends up in Washington,” Brandt said.

Hmmmm.  The Rams, desperate for a quarterback, pick first.  The Redskins, desperate for a quarterback, pick fourth.  Sound familiar?  2004 draft, Chargers picking first, Giants fourth, and they both need quarterbacks of the future.

San Diego picked Eli Manning number one, and the Giants chose Philip Rivers number four, and while the Rivers pick was being walked up to the commissioner in New York, the two teams were finishing work on a trade.  They swapped quarterbacks, and the Giants sent a third-round pick in 2004, and first- and fifth-round picks in 2005, to San Diego as part of the trade.

The Redskins have an owner willing to do anything to help his team, so he’s not going to stand in the way of dealing a ton to St. Louis for the pick — if football braintrust Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen think it’s a smart idea.  But if the Rams were to do this, they’d have to be sure Jimmy Clausen (or Tim Tebow or Colt McCoy) would be an adequate replacement for Marc Bulger.

For the record, the Redskins don’t have a third- or sixth-round pick this year, and they have no compensatory choices.  They have their first-round pick (fourth overall), second (37th), fourth (103rd), fifth (135th) and seventh (211th) in house.

My money’s on the 51 percent of Brandt’s prediction here.  I can’t see the Rams passing on a player I hear they absolutely love — unless the treasure trove they get in return could set them up with the first- and second-rounders here, plus a one next year, and they’d also have to love Clausen.  Those are some very big ifs.

Here is what I think King — and the other Bradford-to-Rams folks — could be missing: why does St. Louis have to take a quarterback?

If the Rams know they won’t be winning next season (a safe bet) then it makes sense to take care of your other core positions on offense and defense in this draft than go all-in with Bradford or Clausen.  Plus, if they can get a package similar to the one San Diego got for Eli Manning, that would mean they would be able to pick up a second first-round pick in the 2011 draft.

Going into next year’s draft, St. Louis could use that extra selection to move up and grab the quarterback of their choice (Jake Locker?) and already have the players installed to help him be successful.

The best case scenario for Kansas City is if there is a repeat of that 2004 draft with two quarterbacks coming off the board in the top 4 picks.  That would mean at worst the Chiefs will have their choice of Berry or any offensive tackle and at best Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy are still on the board.  If one of the top two defensive tackles are available, the Chiefs could complete the most expensive front three in all of football or be in a perfect situation to trade out and pick up extra selections.

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