More On Javier Arenas’ Tornado Relief Effort

As the terrible images keep coming in this morning from the tornado that touched down in Joplin, MO we are also given another glimpse into the work that Kansas City Chiefs CB Javier Arenas has been doing in Alabama for victims there from SI’s Lars Anderson.

Anderson had nothing but praise for SI cover subject Javier Arenas, the Chiefs cornerback and former Alabama star whose home was shredded during the tornado.  “He’s been in the thick of it every day, helping whoever needs to be helped,” Anderson said of Arenas.  “No PR people telling him what to do — just a good man doing what needs to be done in the middle of a disaster.”

If you’ll remember, immediately following the tornadoes touching down in his neighborhood, Arenas drove to Kansas City to pick up supplies and turned right back around so he could help out.

We can talk about a player being a team captain or winning a practice award, but this is the type of thing that has no simple measure.  What I do know is that Arenas is showing what he’s made of every day in Alabama, as are all of the amazing people we see on the ground right now in Joplin lending a hand.

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