Morgan Ready To Face His “Brothers” Flowers, Carr

Having lost their starting safety (again), the Indianapolis Colts could turn to recently signed former Chief DaJuan Morgan to start.  Having spent over two years in Kansas City, Morgan still has friends on the Chiefs, though he told the Indy Star none more than fellow defensive backs Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr.

“We’re like brothers,” Morgan said.  “Those are the guys I’m closest to on that team.  We came in together.  (But) I’m not up, high, eager, ready to play them because it’s Kansas City.  I take every week the same.

“We’re just trying to get better.  We’re just trying to get back on track and play Colts football.”

Colts coach Jim Caldwell wouldn’t divulge who will get the nod and said of Morgan’s play Sunday, “He’s learning.”

Morgan said he played “OK” but conceded he has a lot to learn in this defense.

“First time being back on the field in a while at safety, just trying to feel my way around again, jelling with the guys, new defense, new players, learning them,” he said.

Asked if (S Brandon) King could play instead of Morgan, Caldwell said, “That’s a possibility.”

Even if he doesn’t start, Morgan is going to have to play with the Colts so thin at safety.  The focus then shifts to just how much the Chiefs try and go after him.  Todd Haley and Romeo Crennel didn’t think much of Morgan’s ability or he would still be on the roster getting run behind Eric Berry.

I’ve talked a lot about needing to focus on the ground game, but it will be awfully tempting to test the deep, middle of the field with so little depth for the Colts at safety.

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