Neil Smith Facing DWI Charge

Former Chief Neil Smith is facing charges of DWI and failing to drive in a single lane, according to the Kansas City Star.

Smith, 43, was scheduled to appear Thursday in Jackson County Circuit Court, but the matter was continued until Jan. 7, according to court records.

Kevin Regan, an attorney for Smith, denied the allegations.

“Neil Smith is an outstanding giver in many ways in our community, and he takes that role very seriously,” Regan said Thursday.

The incident occurred early on Nov. 1 while the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department was conducting an alcohol-enforcement patrol along Interstate 70, just west of the Blue Ridge Cutoff.

According to the incident report, a deputy noticed that Smith was driving in the center lane at 53 mph in a 65 mph zone.

The deputy also said Smith’s vehicle crossed from the center lane into the right lane several times.  Smith failed to signal each time he changed lanes, the report said.

Smith’s vehicle continued along the highway, traveling in both lanes when the deputy tried to pull him over.  Smith eventually stopped at I-70 and Sterling Avenue, according to the report.

The deputy administered several field sobriety tests.  According to the report, Smith appeared to sway.

He was taken to the sheriff’s department, where he was given other sobriety tests.

Smith declined to take a breath alcohol test, the report stated.

He is scheduled to appear at a tailgate celebration at The Derrick Thomas Academy tomorrow at 10am.  Smith is a director of the Derrick Thomas Third and Long Foundation.

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