New Format Could Deliver Fireworks

After a quiet first draft as GM of the Kansas City Chiefs, Scott Pioli could use the new format to move around early and often.

“In terms of trades, we’re open for business,” Pioli said.  “We could trade up, we could trade down.

“I love the concept of getting through 32 players, sitting back and having almost 20 hours to regroup and look at the board again and then go into a round where we’re going to have a pick at 36 overall and 50 overall.  In talking to a lot of other people around the league, they like the idea because it’s going to be conducive to a lot more movement in the second round.”

While now over three days, the draft won’t feel like the marathon that it used to.  Formerly, the draft started early in the day on Saturday and didn’t break until late that night.  Teams finished the draft in much the same manner the next day.

“It (was) a long day and a long night and people lose sight of that,” ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper said.   “Being there from 6, 7 in the morning until 1, 2 in the morning and having to get up the next morning early, you’re worn out.  It (was) a grueling day.  They’re just worn out mentally.

“The extra time … it’s important to have that break in the action.  It benefits the teams from that standpoint because if they make a decision, it’s not because they were fatigued.  They get more time to re-evaluate, to make calls, to check on players, to check with agents, to do some more due diligence, have a chance to talk with coaches and scouts again, redo their boards.”

It would be nice to see this new format deliver more action from the Chiefs, but I’ve been against changing the NFL Draft from the beginning.  Having it on Saturday and Sunday made for two of the best non-stop days in sports, right up there with the first round of the NCAA tournament.

While with the Patriots, Pioli handled the two marathon days well and one of the best parts of having him on board was to take advantage of the teams that couldn’t handle the pressure of making snap decisions.

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