New LJ Sounds A Lot Like The Old LJ

Former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson is currently battling for a roster spot with the Washington Redskins.  But of course, when he was on WPGC radio in Washington, not surprisingly the conversation turned to his time in Kansas City when the host — Lil’ Mo — asked LJ if he was simply misunderstood.

“With us both being Scorpios, I can attest to say that sometimes our passion is misconstrued for being angry, which will ultimately have people say, ‘Well, you need anger management.’  You caught a couple of cases, and what was the deal with that?”

“You know us Scorpios, we always have that passion for something,” Johnson replied.  “And usually if we’ve got that passion, we’re kind of like outspoken, and we like to do our own thing, and we kind of stick out from the rest of the crowd.  And me being in Kansas City, being that it’s real small, I became targeted with certain things.

“You know, the first couple of incidents, I would say with me, Scorpios, when you love two or three different people, they really get a stronghold on [you], because you give so much passion out, and they seem to cross the line on that tip.  But after that, it was just being in the club and all that in Kansas City, it was just a small environment.

“And me being that person, that guy at that time point, people looking at me like I was Mr. Big Stuff and thought I was the best thing in Kansas City since barbecue. You know, I had a target on my back, so after that situations, everything else kind of died down.  It was great for me to get out of that city, because it was just a lot of jealousy, envy and hate that came with being a part of that city.”

Yes, it was a “small environment” that forced him to slap women around and throw gay slurs around on Twitter and in the locker room.  Ugh, it’s always the same thing with this guy.

If he really had matured since leaving Kansas City, wouldn’t he have just said something along the lines of “I had some great years there on the field, learned a lot about myself off the field and now I’m ready to help the Redskins win football games.”

Not that I’m surprised LJ continues to blame everyone but himself, but it’s still disappointing when the city takes the bulk of his abuse.

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