News: Chiefs, Cassel Agree to Six Year Deal

The Kansas City Chiefs have agreed to terms with quarterback Matt Cassel on a six year contract worth $36 million cassel31guaranteed according to Joe Fortenbaugh at The National Football Post.

Yesterday, the Detroit Lions signed first overall pick Matthew Stafford to a six year deal that guarantees him $41.7 million.  Last season the Falcons’ top pick Matt Ryan received $34.75 million guaranteed over six years.

As much as Chiefs fans like to say Matt Cassel is an unknown commodity because of where he played last year and who he played with, I think it’s safe to say this contract is a much more sound investment than the Stafford deal.  Kansas City can now focus all of their attention on getting their draft picks signed and into camp on time.

Update #1:

Peter King over at is saying there is no truth to this story.  One source told him not only has there been no deal reached, but there have been no substantive talks between the Chiefs and David Dunn, the agent for Cassel.  Apparently Dunn has been frustrated that the Chiefs plan to allow Cassel to play the season at his one year tender of $14.65 million.

Hmm, the NFL Network is still reporting the deal is done.  King is pretty reliable when it comes to this stuff so I have no idea who to believe.  I guess I should know by now not to listen to anything that hasn’t come directly from the horses mouth.

Update #2:

Turns out Peter King was right on with this one.  From their Q&A this afternoon, Scott Pioli was asked about the reports:

Q: Did you reach a new agreement with Matt Cassel today?

PIOLI: “No, someone had told me that that report is out there, but that’s news to me.”

And there you have it. We’ll have to wait a little bit longer before locking Cassel up.

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