News: Gonzalez Wants Out… Or Not

tg1The AP is reporting that Tony Gonzalez wants out of Kansas City.  The source is “a person close to the Pro Bowl tight end” and stated Gonzalez will not demand a trade but would welcome the right deal.

However, in today’s Kansas City Star Adam Teicher reports Gonzalez says he’s “going with the flow”.

Then you have Bill Williamson writing on his ESPN AFC Blog that if Clark Hunt does not want to trade Gonzalez, he isn’t going anywhere.

If you ask me, everyone is saying the same thing.  Sure the “source” says that Gonzalez would welcome a trade to a contender, but what player wouldn’t?  But when asked about leaving it’s pretty clear that TG is not dying to get out of town the way Larry Johnson and Brian Waters are.  The only problems that may arise have to do with Scott Pioli, Todd Haley and Clark Hunt being on the same page with how to address players that may want to be moved.  As I mentioned earlier, Hunt gave into Pioli when it came to Herm Edwards but could be harder to sell when it comes to someone that is still revered in Kansas City.

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