News: Jason Taylor Signs With Dolphins

Jason Taylor agreed to a one year, $1.1 million deal with the Miami Dolphins.  The move allows him to stay at his Miami home with his wife and three children.  It also allows him to rejoin an organization he considers to be an extended part of his family.  The deal also included $400,000 of additional incentives.jasontaylor2

The new deal is $7 million less than what Taylor could have earned this season with the Washington Redskins.  In March, Taylor walked away from the $8.5 million he was scheduled to make when he refused to spend the off season at Redskins Park, preferring to spend the time with his family in Miami.  Taylor said it was never a question of where he would go.

“I was presented with a number of different opportunities, but in the end the combination of this being the best situation for my family, my love for this community and my tremendous loyalty to a great organization made this an easy decision.”

Scratch Taylor off of your wish list.  Last month, there were some that believed the Chiefs had to sign Taylor to help the team’s young players transition to the 3-4.  I liked the idea then and right up until Scott Pioli selected two defensive ends with his top picks in the draft.  Between veterans Glenn Dorsey, Turk McBride, Alfonso Boone and rookies Tyson Jackson and Alex Magee there are plenty of players to hold down the defensive ends.  What is more curious to me is how in one season Taylor went from being “incensed” with the Dolphins to that same team being the only one he would play for.  Was it less important to be close to your family last season?

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