News: Larry Johnson Has “Open Mind”

Yesterday, I talked about how Larry Johnson could be the lone “disgruntled” Chief to show at the first voluntary workout as a show of good faith. Today Johnson’s agent, Peter Shaffer, told Bill Williamson at ESPN’s AFC West blog lj8just that.  Shaffer also said tomorrow’s grievance hearing is a non-issue since it has to do with Carl Peterson and the old regime and that he is communicating with Scott Pioli.

Shaffer also sounded optimistic that both sides are on the same page:

“Everyone has an open mind about this and we continue to communicate.  I think the Chiefs know that Larry is a very talented young man. I think everyone is looking to moving forward.”

Call me cynical, but I still think this is all in an effort to look good going into tomorrow’s grievance hearing.  I’d play nice too if bonuses of $3.5 million and $250,000 were at stake.  If the news isn’t good for LJ, I bet you see the “it’s time to move on” posturing start up again.

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