News: LJ In Vegas During Final OTA Session


Yesterday, it was reported that Larry Johnson was seen in the Playboy Club at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas playing blackjack and drinking Ketel One and Red Bull this past Saturday night.  While the questions surrounding the wording of his plea agreement in relation to consuming alcohol are still in doubt, his being in Vegas wasn’t seen as too big of a transgression otherwise since the Chiefs OTAs had wrapped.  The final practice was at the Chiefs facility on Friday and Johnson did not participate, though a reason was not given.

Well it appears the reason Johnson was absent was due to an extended trip to Las Vegas.  He was first spotted in Sin City Thursday night, while the Chiefs OTAs were still ongoing.

Larry Johnson and a 10-person entourage had dinner in the main dining room at N9NE Steakhouse.  The group ordered lobster bisque and salmon for dinner and followed their meal with Ketel One Citroen lemon drop shots for dessert.

Saturday is when he was seen drinking at the Playboy Club.

Johnson wrapped up the weekend at Tao Beach along with Ryan Seacrest, Celtics forward Paul Pierce and 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis.

I thought it was bad that he showed up in Vegas at all after missing Friday’s practices.  But knowing that he was at the OTAs on Thursday and went straight to Las Vegas to party with his entourage?  Forget about the potential probation violation that could come along with his drinking, what happened to how he wants nothing more than to be part of the Kansas City Chiefs and what Todd Haley is trying to get done?  I get that these are voluntary workouts but when you are coming off a sub par season in which you were arrested, suspended and a malcontent there is no such thing as a voluntary workout.

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