News: Larry Johnson Pleads Guilty

A Kansas City Municipal Court judge sentenced Chiefs running back Larry Johnson to two years probation after he pleaded guilty today to two counts of disturbing the peace in connection with separate incidents at night clubs last lj5year.  If Johnson can complete his probation without further incidents, the guilty plea will be removed from his record.

Both charges were brought as assault but reduced to disturbing the peace.  City Prosecutor Beth Murano stated Johnson cannot drink alcohol or be in any Kansas City bar or nightclub after 9 pm.

I this this is a great deal for Larry Johnson considering the history he already has with the law.  But at the same time it’s that history that makes me think there is no way he doesn’t violate his probation.  If you’ll remember Matt Jones, formerly of the Jaguars, agreed to a similar plea deal and was arrested after simply drinking a beer during a round of golf.  You’re telling me LJ will stay away from clubs and alcohol?  I won’t hold my breath.

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