News: Lions Meet With Curry’s Agent

According to Tom Kowalski at the Detroit Lions met today with the agent of the man most experts feel will be selected by the Kansas City Chiefs at No. 3, Aaron Curry. curry4

Lions president Tom Lewand has met or is expected to meet with agents of other top prospects, including Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford and Baylor tackle Jason Smith.  Leward met Curry’s agent, Andy Ross, at the Lions’ practice facility as they watched most of the morning mini-camp workout from the sideline.

While there is speculation the Lions have agreed to draft Stafford, that doesn’t appear to be true.  Stafford said during an interview on the NFL Network on Friday that his situation with the Lions is “wide open”.

Detroit has made it clear they want the No. 1 pick to be signed prior to the beginning of the draft.

With the amount of Chiefs fans that are anti-Curry, I can’t even imagine what Lions fans are saying today.  I think Curry is the best player available so for me he would be the best choice for Detroit, but Stafford is clearly the sexier pick for the fan base.  And even with the Lions covering their bases by meeting with all of the top players available, I still fully expect to see Stafford be the pick for Detroit.  But if Curry does go first overall, then the Chiefs will have teams lining up for their selection as both Stafford and Mark Sanchez of USC could be on the board depending on who the Rams take at No. 2.  So while I like Curry and would love to see him end up in Kansas City, it would be most beneficial to the Chiefs draft plans if he were selected by Detroit.

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