News: New Training Camp Site Still In Doubt

A week ago we talked about the proposed deal that would bring Chiefs training camp to Missouri Western State University in St. Johseph, MO and the problems said deal has faced.  At the center of the problem are fees involved in the $25 million tax credit package the Chiefs will get for moving the camp.

Well, it seems more details are being revealed.  The main hold up is how long the Chiefs will agree to keep their training camp in Missouri.  The original deal signed Jan. 7th by officials for the finance board, the Chiefs and Jackson County requires the chiefs to keep their camp in the state for at least five years.

But a spokesman for the Department of Economic Development said that no tax credits will be issued until the Chiefs commit to a term of 10 years because the intent of the first vote was for a 10-year commitment.  Thus in order to get the tax credits, the Chiefs and the finance board will need to either amend the current agreement or write up a new one.

However, Chiefs spokesman Bob Moore said the state has not informed the team that it wants a 10-year written commitment.  Moore said the Chiefs are still planning to operate under a letter of intent with MWSU for a five-year commitment, with five additional one-year extension at the Chiefs’ option.  He said that document was signed Dec. 5th.  but the minutes from a state finance board meeting show Bill Newman, Chiefs’ senior VP of administration, said that with the $25 million in tax credits the Chiefs would pledge to spend $10 million to build a training facility at MWSU.  A facility the school would have access to outside of the three weeks in August every year the Chiefs use it.

According to the minutes, Newman said the Chiefs would bring camp back to Missouri for a minimum of ten years starting in 2010.  But the actual motion to approve the tax credits does not include any specific reference to how long the Chiefs must commit.

Wow… Confused yet?  Rarely do you see a deal get this far and then fall apart and there is no real reason this one should either.  The Chiefs get a tax break and can train closer to Kansas City.  And for hosting the Chiefs, MWSU gets a brand new facility that they would not be able to afford under normal circumstances.

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