News: Preseason Schedule Released

The NFL released the entire preseason schedule today including the list of nationally televised games.  Kansas City will not be part of any of the national games.   The Chiefs will open at Arrowhead against the Texans.  Check out the entire Kannfl2sas City Chiefs preseason schedule:

Week 1 – Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs

Week 2 – Kansas City Chiefs @ Minnesota Vikings

Week 3 – Seattle Seahawks @ Kansas City Chiefs

Week 4 – Kansas City Chiefs @ St. Louis Rams

The league is trying to tout the presason rematch of the Super Bowl, but I cannot imagine they really think anyone cares.  When Brian St. Pierre is driving the Cardinals down the field against the Steelers camp fodder, I’m sure the emotions will be running high.  Like most of the NFL community I am looking forward to this being one of the last seasons that has four preseason games.  I think there are some important aspects to these games, but we do not need four of them.

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