News: Steve McNair Victim Of Murder-Suicide

When news first broke about the death of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair, the details were very sketchy.  Now only a short time later it is being reported as a murder-suicide.SteveMcNair1

McNair, the hometown hero who did extensive charity work in Nashville, died of several gunshots and was found on the sofa, police said.  Sahel Kazemi, 20, was found alongside him in a Second Avenue condo he rented.  She had a single gunshot wound to her head; a pistol was found near her body.

Metro police spokesman Don Aaron said they were leaning toward certain scenarios based on the evidence, but they hadn’t ruled anything out.  Still, they were not actively looking for suspects Saturday night.

“The medical examiner will be conducting autopsies (today)…We expect to make additional conclusions after the autopsy process.”

Though much of the attention was on the Second Avenue crime scene, police also swarmed Kazemi’s apartment at the Cherry Creek complex in Hermitage.  They questioned neighbors who said they often saw McNair visiting Kazemi.  They also heard arguments between her and her boyfriend.  Most recently, she had a new black car she said was a gift from her boyfriend.

She was arrested in that car, a black Cadillac Escalade registered to her and McNair, just two days before the deaths.  She was charged with driving under the influence and refusing to take a breath test.  According to the police report, she said she was not drunk but high.

McNair was in the car, a fact that was not in the police affidavit but was confirmed by police Saturday night.  Police allowed McNair to take a cab home.  He later bailed Kazemi out of jail, according to bail bondsmen.

Keith Norfleet, who said he dated Kazemi for four years before they broke up five months ago, was worried about her dating McNair, married man.  They met while she was a waitress at Dave & Busters.  Norfleet said he moved here with Kazemi from Jacksonville, Fla., where her family lives.

Such a sad, sad story.  Without getting preachy, I hope everyone out there remembers that there is always another option other than violence.  I also hope  — though I’m sure they won’t — that members of the media give the McNair family the privacy they deserve during this very difficult time.

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