News: Tony Gonzalez Staying, Larry Johnson and Brian Waters Too?

According to Adam Teicher over at the Kansas City Star, we now know a little bit more regarding the future of Tony clarkhunt11Gonzalez, Larry Johnson and Brian Waters.  All three players have expressed at one time or another this offseason they want to move on, but Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt sounded pretty optimistic that Gonzalez will finish his career in Kansas City and that Johnson and Waters both could still be back with the team.

Hunt told Teicher the Chiefs will hold onto Gonzalez but was much less certain in regards to Johnson and Waters:

“It’s still my hope Larry will be a part of this team next season.  We all saw the comments he made at the end of the season and repeated about a month later. Those were disappointing. Recently, I’ve heard he’s excited about being a Kansas City Chief again and expects to be in the offseason program and help us be successful.”

“I have to say I was surprised by Brian Waters and his comments… Those comments were probably made in the heat of the moment. It’s important for Brian and Todd and Scott to get to spend some time together working with each other before any kind of decision is made there.”

All of Hunt’s comments are akin to Josh McDaniels saying Jay Cutler is “our quarterback” or a General Manager giving a vote of confidence to a coach, meaning until the players are in camp everything is fluid.  And in the case of Waters and Johnson I think they could be moved anytime during the season and right up to the trading deadline.

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