News: Waters’ Charity Snub A Precursor To Mini-Camp Boycott?

The idea that Brian Waters wants out of Kansas City has been discussed ever since Jason Whitlock reported the Chiefs guard was offended by new coach Todd Haley’s arrogance.  Being one of only three Chiefs absent from the voluntary workouts so far this offseason has only added fuel to the fire.  And now PFT is reporting that Waters skipped out on a key offseason charity even with which he is intimately involved.waters6

First Downs for Down Syndrome is a KC organization that teams with the Chiefs’ offensive line to raise awareness of Down Syndrome and to create positive images of those with DS.  Waters serves as the group’s co-chairman, yet was a no-show for their auction on Wednesday night.

All of the other offensive linemen were in attendance, as were quarterbacks Matt Cassel and Tyler Thigpen.

The Chiefs open a mandatory mini-camp tomorrow and Waters would face a fine upwards of $10,000 if he fails to attend.

Pouting and sitting at home aside, I hope he has a good reason for not attending this charity function.  For a guy that has been one of the true good guys in Kansas City over the years, it would be a shame for him to turn his back on a charity because of some perceived arrogance by Todd Haley.  Tomorrow hopefully he shows up and all parties involved can put this behind them but things aren’t looking good right now.

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