NFL: Burress Wins Grievance Against Giants

Plaxico Burress may have been cut on Friday by the New York Giants, but on Monday he won his grievance against the team for bonuses withheld because of his suspension last season.  Arbitrator Stephen Burbank ruled the Giants must pay Burress a $1 million bouns plus an undisclosed amount for a 2008 roster bonus.burress1

The Giants suspended Buress for four games last season after he shot himself in the leg at a Manhattan nightclub.  The suspension cost him over $800,000 in lost wages and fined an addional $205,882, one week’s salary.  The Giants also declined to pay a $1 million installment of his $4.25 million signing bonus, which was part of a 5-year, $35 million extension he signed in September.

The Giants said they had a clause in Burress’ contract that allowed them to recoup a part of the bonus if he was incarcerated or detained by law-enforcement personnel or if he was suspended for conduct detrimental to the team.

However, there is no specific language in the collective bargaining agreement for a team going after more than $250,000 in bonus money, which was a basis of the ruling in favor of Burress.

It sure looks like Larry Johnson is going to be getting his money from the Chiefs after all.  I would expect an official announcement about the ruling shortly, but this paints a picture favorable for Johnson.  Despite Todd Haley and LJ’s agent claims otherwise, I would expect his release to come shortly after.

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