Promotes Fantasy Football With An Injured Jamaal Charles

With many fantasy football seasons looking just as bleak as the Kansas City Chiefs, it’s understandable that and other sites want to give their users a redo and avoid losing them (and their page views) for the remainder of the season.  I can even understand wanting to be topical with the way you market said redo…  but this?

In hopes of promoting the ability for users to start a new fantasy football league, they had the above picture on their front page.

I’m not sure who sat in a meeting and thought this was a good idea, but hopefully those people are paying for that decision now.  Not surprisingly, the picture was quickly passed around and the reaction was universally negative, forcing the team to quickly remove the photo.  In its place is a shot of Wes Welker catching the ball, promoting “Retroactive Scoring”.

There’s nothing wrong with trying something edgy, but this is just in bad taste.

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