Von Miller Tries To Emulate Derrick Thomas

Unless Scott Pioli pulls off a major draft day trade, the Kansas City Chiefs will not have a chance to select Texas A&M LB Von Miller.  The nation’s best linebacker ran a 4.49 40 at his pro day and will be one of the first players shaking hands with Roger Goodell.  If he continues emulating a certain Hall of Fame LB, Miller will be well worth that high pick.

“I got a lot of film on Derrick Thomas, I like the way he plays the game,” Miller said.  “(Former Texas A&M and Alabama DC) Joe Kines told me a long time ago that I had similar attributes to my game that he had.  Right then and there, I looked him up and just watched him.  I try to emulate some of the stuff he does.  You can’t do some of the stuff he does, but I try my hardest to be like Derrick Thomas.

“Just his mentality about the game.  I don’t think it’s his physical ability that I try to emulate.  It’s the way he played the game with a relentless fanatical effort with every play.  That’s what allowed him to make the plays that he made.”

If a GM thinks Miller can match Thomas’ motor — that’s a big if for any player — you can make an argument that he belongs in the first three picks of the draft.

On top of the prospect emulating the way Thomas played, Miller brings a very similar size to the table as the All-Time great.  Measuring at 6’2 5/8″ and 246 pounds at the combine, Miller is awfully close to the 6’3″, 255 of Thomas.

The best case scenario for Miller is probably Chan Gailey, who spoke highly of him, and the Buffalo Bills at No. 3 overall and likely won’t fall past the San Francisco 49ers drafting seventh.

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