New Agreement Brings With It A New Schedule

The NFL lockout is finally coming to an end, with the owners and players coming to an agreement on the final details of a new CBA early on Monday morning, according to Jay Glazer.  With a new deal finalized, the schedule for what happens next will be different than first reported.

Under the new terms, team facilities will open as early as Tuesday and training camps will begin Wednesday for 10 teams, Thursday for 10 teams, Friday for another 10 and over the weekend for the remaining 2 teams.

There is still a chance that some unforeseen obstacle somehow can stall the agreement again, although that now seems unlikely.

Players will begin arriving at team facilities Tuesday to vote to recertify the NFLPA as a union.  Once they do, they can negotiate terms for the league’s drug programs, player discipline fines, workers comp, etc.

Another great job of reporting by Jay Glazer.  Unlike the multiple people that were throwing out false reports of a deal throughout the lockout, he made sure to wait until there was real news to report…  then he scooped everyone else.  Well done.

Looks like how far a team has to travel won’t have anything to do with their reporting date.  Instead, camps will kick off 15 days before a team’s first preseason game.  The Kansas City Chiefs are set to start the preseason on August 12 against Tampa Bay, meaning Thursday is looking like the day Todd Haley will lead his team onto the field for the first time since the playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

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