At Least One Chief Wanted To Report

Once the NFL lockout was lifted, players could report to their team facilities with many around the league doing just that.  However, the Chiefs player representatives recommended that their teammates stay home until there is more clarifications.  LB Andy Studebaker was planning on taking the trip to Arrowhead until he heard it would have been a fruitless venture.

“I was going to go in and check in with the training staff,” Studebaker said.  “But from what I’ve heard, the weight rooms are closed all across the league.  All we can do is go into the locker rooms.  I was going to go in, check in and shake hands with the training staff, give them an update where I’m at and walk out.  But from what I understand we can’t have contact with anybody.

“So I thought, ‘What the heck?  Why not just stay out of trouble and let the smoke clear a little bit and go in when it’s cleared up?’  I don’t think there’s much benefit to going in.  What’s the point if I can’t get in a workout and get some therapy?  We want to go in but it doesn’t seem we’re able to do much when we do go in.”

We talked earlier about there being no reason for most Chiefs players — including Studebaker — to aimlessly walk around the hallways.  But I still feel that it would have been good to see Matt Cassel along with a defensive leader — Brandon Flowers? — ready to work Tuesday morning.

At the very least we could have found out if the Kansas City coaching staff would have ignored their own players the way several teams around the league did.

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