How Long Until Asamoah Replaces Waters?

There is no denying how important Brian Waters has been to the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line.  Even after his reported run-in with head coach Todd Haley shortly after he was hired, Waters went out and played at a high level through injuries.  Now 34 years old, will Waters be around much longer?  PFW suggests he could be out sooner rather than later.

For the past decade, OLG Brian Waters has been a premier player for the Chiefs, earning five Pro Bowl appearances while being a leader both on and off the field.  However, he might be nearing the end of his Kansas City career.  According to our team sources, Chiefs management is very high on reserve OG Jon Asamoah, a third-round pick a year ago.  GM Scott Pioli comes from New England, which was known for getting rid of veterans with big salaries and replacing them with younger players.  That scenario might play out soon with Waters.

We didn’t get to see Asamoah on the field much last season, but when he did get his change the young lineman more than held his own.  He is the perfect fit for what Haley and offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Bill Muir want to do and would be able to step in for Waters this season if needed.  However, it’s hard to imagine the Chiefs cutting ties with Waters this season.

The lockout has prevented the second-year guard — and the rest of the team’s younger players — from getting in extra work with the Kansas City coaching staff, meaning it will be more important than ever to keep as much consistency as possible on both sides of the ball.

Asamoah is the future, but the lockout has done a good job to make sure the future is not now.

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