Clark Hunt One Of Four Owners At Mediation

(Photo via Albert Breer)

There are only four owners representing the NFL at the mediation session with the NFLPA and as he has been throughout, Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt is involved.  A new face joining Hunt, Carolina’s Jerry Richardson and Pittsburgh’s Art Rooney is New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Kraft had to bow out of the owners meeting last month because of a family medical emergency.

Kraft’s involvement should be well received by both sides because he’s viewed as a moderate among the owners — who carries a lot of weight within that group — and has been one of the main optimists about striking a deal.

Unfortunately for all parties involved, Hunt was not able to leave his stamp on the negotiations before the lockout by pushing a new deal through.  Hopefully Kraft really is a wild card and can get the other owners bypassing some of the bull and get things back on track.

There is plenty of talk about the players going through the motions here, happy to let the courts decide things.  Maybe that’s just an extra layer of posturing and we’ll see some real results instead of putting the power in a judge’s hands.

Dare to dream, right?

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