Deal Almost Done? Not So Fast

For the first time in a while, word started to trickle out that the owners and players could be getting close to a new CBA.  Well, as Mike Florio reports, turns out the two sides aren’t quite ready to make nice.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, NFLPA* executive director DeMaurice Smith told the players, “Don’t believe the hype.”  Smith also said that a deal isn’t close.

Now, it’s possible that this is part of an effort to reduce the perception that an agreement soon will be reached.   If enough players come to that conclusion, the NFL could choose to take a hard line on one or more of the remaining issues, forcing the NFLPA* to have to choose between conceding the point or killing a deal that the players think is done.

Oh.  Good.  Lord.

Everyone — including the parties involved — wants to lay the blame with one side or the other.  But now it’s on both the players and owners as this stupid cat and mouse game just keeps going.

It’s not my billions, but I can’t understand how a deal is so difficult to reach.  The only thing that could derail the country’s most popular game is a work stoppage, yet the players and owners are both happy to talk in circles instead of finding middle ground.

Get a deal done so we can all turn our focus to the fine little town of St. Joseph, MO.

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