Rookies Get Their Symposium After All

After the NFL canceled the annual rookie symposium due to the ongoing labor dispute, the NFLPA has now replaced it with an even of their own, “The Business of Football: Rookie Edition” in June.

The two-day event will focus on financial education and preparing players for their professional careers.  The seminar will give players essential educational information on topics ranging from life skills and personal finance to security and post-football careers.

“The NFLPA is always going to serve players,” said George Atallah, the NFLPA’s assistant executive director of external affairs.  “The goal for ‘The Business of Football: Rookie Edition’ is to best prepare and equip rookie players to be professionals.”

The NFLPA will explain important information like financial education and the role of the players association as the rookies begin their professional football careers during the owners’ lockout.

Good move by the players.  There is already enough on the plate of your average rookie without having to figure out the business side on their own — or worse, with the help of their “friends”.  When the lockout does finally end and the checks start coming in, here is hoping some of the rookies will know how to properly handle it.

Specifically for the Chiefs rookies, it allows Jonathan Baldwin and Justin Houston to keep working towards busting that early label of having off-the-field issues.

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