NFL: Shots Fired At Brady’s Wedding

According to various media reports, shots were fired at photographers outside of Tom Brady’s wedding ceremony to Gisele Bundchen in Costa Rica.  The photogs claim that members of Bundchen’s secruity team opened fire on them when they were caught snapping pictures of the couple’s nuptials.  One of the photographers, Uri Cortez told his agency about the shooting:

“I could have lost my life for the sake of some pictures that Gisele didn’t want published. Are they insane?”

Don’t worry, this isn’t a gossip site, but it’s things like this that make me happy to have a guy like Matt Cassel because I promise you he will never find his name in Page Six.  It also reminds me why I want Larry Johnson off this team.  Only negative things can come from having your players embracing the role of celebrity as opposed to just regular NFL player.

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