Bowe Becomes 4th Chief Among Top 100 Players

The NFL Network continued their countdown of the Top 100 current players as voted on by their peers, revealing 10 new names.  WR Dwayne Bowe was added to the list, joining three Kansas City Chiefs previously announced.

45. Dwayne Bowe
64. Tamba Hali
67. Brian Waters
93. Eric Berry

This is the perfect way to cap Bowe’s breakout 2010 season.  If this vote had been taken before last year, what do you think the odds are that he would have landed in the top 100?  Appropriately, the man that kept hammering Bowe until he finally found himself — head coach Todd Haley — presented the wide receiver for the NFL Network’s segment.

“What Dwayne did this year got a lot of people’s attention,” Haley said talking about Bowe’s 15 touchdowns.  But it was the other parts of his game that really pushed the wide receiver to the next level.

“You earn the right to be on NFL Films by blocking for the running backs, sight adjusting when there’s a blitz when you’re supposed to and bailing the quarterback out.  His transition into what more of the great players that we know do: it’s never enough.”

The next Chiefs player to keep your eye out for is Jamaal Charles.  After the clinic he put on last season, he could find his way all the way into the top 20.  I have not heard who will be presenting the electric running back, but fellow speedster Chris Johnson would sure make a whole lot of sense.

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