Tony Gonzalez Open To Being Traded


Just hours away from the NFL trade deadline, Atlanta Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez is not asking to be moved. He wanted to make that clear Monday night.

“I love my guys on this team too much to go ask for a trade,” Gonzalez told ESPN.

Since he won’t ask for a trade, that means it’s off the table, right? Not so fast.

“It would be something that would come from them where they said, ‘Hey, it makes sense because we could get something good for you and send you to a team that’s a contender.’ So I understand the thought process behind that.”

So far the Falcons haven’t indicated they are willing to throw up the white flag and trade away the future Hall of Fame tight end, but Gonzalez certainly sounds open to the idea if they change course before the 3 p.m. deadline Tuesday.

“If that’s something they wanted to do and they asked me, then, yeah, I would listen to them, of course. Yes, I would sit down with them.”

Gonzalez sure sounds like he’s making one last attempt to get the Falcons to step up and deal him to a contender. It was just a few weeks ago he was telling Jay Glazer he wanted to finish up with Atlanta. But now with the deadline quickly approaching, he likely doesn’t want to finish his final season playing for a team with no hope of making a run.

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