A Sign Of Things To Come? Peter King Thinks So

The prevailing question a day after the Kansas City Chiefs had their doors blown out by the Buffalo Bills is this: Was it just a bad day or a sign of things to come?

In his weekly MMQB column, SI’s Peter King believe it’s the latter.

Kansas City had a bad summer on the field, never looked in sync on either side of the ball, lost Matt Cassel’s best weapon (tight end Tony Moeaki) to a season-ending knee injury, and was powerless to stop the Bills in the worst home-opening defeat, 41-7, in franchise history.  Bad signs abound in KC.

Anyone that wants to argue that the Chiefs are on the wrong track (and there are plenty of you out there) are making a lot of sense today.  The Chiefs followed up one of the worst preseasons a team can have with one of the worst games I have seen from this team in years.  Things don’t look good right now.

Me?  I’m waiting a few more weeks before deciding we’re headed for a lost season.

A win on the road against an emerging Detroit Lions team this weekend and all of a sudden the Chiefs season will look a lot brighter.  A bruised and battered (though 1-0) San Diego Chargers team is on tap in two weeks, followed by two teams that were just as bad as Kansas City on Sunday: Minnesota Vikings and Indianapolis Colts.

Sure, the Chiefs could drop another stink bomb against the Lions and then there will be a flood of people to the panic button.  With a God awful five-game run waiting at the end of November into December, Kansas City needs to figure things out quickly and give themselves some sort of cushion heading into that stretch if they have any ideas of returning to the playoffs.

Let’s wait and see if this performance against the Bills is what we should expect the rest of the season or just a one-time wake up call to get the team jump started.

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