Chiefs Head To Denver As 16-Point Underdogs


The Kansas City Chiefs have not been favored on the road once during their miserable 2012 campaign, so it comes as no surprise that they are once again underdogs for this Sunday’s matchup against the AFC West champion Denver Broncos.

But for as bad as this season has been for the Chiefs, they’ve never faced this big of a spread. Just two days before kickoff, the Broncos are favored by 16 points over a two-win Kansas City squad.

Most weeks this season there wasn’t any number that made me feel comfortable with putting my money on the Chiefs, but this game feels differently.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as close to 100% confident as possible that the Broncos will wrap up their season with a victory over the Chiefs. With that being said, there are enough reasons to feel Romeo Crennel’s crew might be able to avoid a blowout.


When these teams met back in Week 12, the Broncos only won by eight points, their second-smallest margin all year. In that game Denver’s offense was only able to put up a season-low 17 points.

We won’t see a repeat of that performance, but the Chiefs defense should once again keep it close enough, especially considering it’s likely Crennel’s final game ever as an NFL head coach.

The bottom line? If you are just picking winners or somehow are still alive in a suicide pool, the Broncos are your team. But if you are putting money on the game, you can actually bet the Chiefs without feeling terrible about yourself.

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